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VOIP & Hosted Telephone Systems

Norwich Telecoms provide VOIP and hosted telephone systems and solutions. From a single, mobile office worker with one IP handset, to large, constantly evolving, multi-site businesses with large numbers of users, we are able to tailor telecoms solutions to meet your requirements.


What is a VOIP Telephone System?

A VOIP telephones system is a system capable of transporting voice traffic over an IP (Internet Protocol) network.

Our NEC telephone systems are all VOIP compatible. This means that they can be installed and utilise traditional lines such as PSTN or ISDN with the peace of mind that they are future proofed should you wish to utilise VOIP with SIP trunks at any point in the future. Alternatively, our phone systems can be configured for VOIP and SIP trunks from day one.

  • We advise that traditional PSTN or ISDN lines are installed for fault resilience. Should your internet service be interrupted, your business telecoms can continue to operate for the duration.

What is a Hosted Telephone System?

A hosted telephone system is located and managed off premises by a hosting provider, reducing the hardware costs associated with a traditional telephone system.

What are the cost differences?

With a traditional phone system, most of the costs are with the initial outlay. Once the system has been installed – hardware, handsets, licences etc, the on-going costs will be for your lines and calls and maintenance.

With a hosted phone system, the initial outlay will be the setup costs and handsets. Monthly licence fees are based on the number of handsets and features that you require. In addition to this, the costs of dedicated internet bandwidth, SIP trunks, and line rental of both lines carrying IP traffic and failover traditional lines for fault tolerance are all on-going costs.

What are the benefits of a hosted telephone system?

  • Cost – Reduced initial outlay when compared to a traditional phone system.
  • Low cost calls – Tailored call tariffs and free site to site calls.
  • Scalability – Extensions can be added and removed easily to cope with periods of growth and downsizing for seasonal businesses.
  • Flexibility – Handsets can be moved from office to office, allowing for roaming workers or homeworkers to use their handset wherever a suitable internet connection is available.
  • Locality – UK telephone numbers are available for area codes of your choice, enabling you to have a ‘virtual presence’ in areas of the UK without having a physical office.
  • Low maintenance costs – Administration is carried out via web portals.
  • Features – Many features of traditional phone systems are available, such as call forwarding, hunt groups, voicemail, auto attendant, call holding, call transferring, three way calling, call parking and pickup, call conferencing and call recording.
  • Retaining numbers – Existing numbers can be ported to a hosted system.




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